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Agape - a hearty gesture

This small affair which takes part directly after the church service is the perfect opportunity for a short celebration with all the invited wedding guests, particularly those who will not be joining in for the wedding breakfast.

The Hotel Kristberg offers a large range of possibilities for a festive and tasteful Agape. It can take place on our hotel terrace or in front of the church - in case of bad weather then our hotel lobby with bar is at your disposal.We offer a varied and tasteful selection to choose from: 

  • Standard Agape
    A sweet nut loaf and traditional Austrian breads.

  • Classical Agape
    Sweet nut loaf and traditional Austrian breads with two sorts of spreads (Paprika and Ricotta-Herb)

  • Superior Agape
    Finger foods of Devils Horseback, Grissini with Prosciutto, Tramezzzini Venezia, Rolled Roastbeef filled with cream cheese, Rolled crepe with vegetable filling. 

  • Lecher Agape
    Regional specialties from Lech and the surrounding Arlberg area consisting of Lech mountain cheese, Canape with smoked Zug Forelle, delicate egg rolls with Caviar from Zug, Ham and cheese pastries, Traditional farmers sour dough bread with rye and spelt.

  • Gourmet Agape
    Flavoursome delicacies like mini rolls filled with delicate crumbed schnitzel or smoked salmon, small meat balls on a skewer, shrimps in a potato basket, Puff pastry rolls with a spicy beef filling.
All Agape quotes and details are to be found in the Hotel Kristberg Wedding folder (Download) Our qualified staff is at your disposal for any further queries or details.