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SAMINA „Power Sleeping Rooms“

Recuperate and regenerate your health whilst sleeping.

Sleep is the ultimate form of mental, spiritual and physical regeneration. To encourage and enhance this process it is essential to have the correct sleeping system. Our SAMINA “Power Sleeping Rooms” incorporate relaxation and wellbeing whilst having a restful sleep.

The SAMINA sleep system

The Samina 100% Organic Sheep wool Topper ensures a perfectly natural, harmonious dry and warm bed climate which has an anti-rheumatic effect discouraging bacteria and dust mites which are often the cause of allergies.

The LOKOSANA grounding pad is to improve the quality of sleep through grounding (also known as “earthing”) and the desired stabilization of natural magnetic fields that can disrupt sleep patterns, additionally to lessen the body being charged with unhealthy static electricity. The body can use the electromagnetic quality of the earth provided by Lokosana for a better and deeper sleep and total regeneration.

The Samina 100% organic natural rubber mattress is a cushioning thin layer which provides a comfortable sleep and in conjunction with the slat base it prevents any pressure points or circulatory disturbances.

The double-sided, highly flexible and freely suspended slat frame provides long-term traction during sleep – that is, a gentle lengthening of the spinal column. The body is supported to maximum effect and stabilized, In addition, because of the systems high degree of ability to adapt during sleep, the tension in joints and musculature is avoided.